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From project aid to sustainable HIV services: a case study from Zambia Torpey, K.; Mwenda, L.; Thompson, C.; Wamuwi, E.; Van Damme, W. Journal of the International AIDS Society 2010 Article-E
From pulsed field to field: contribution of molecular karyotyping to epidemiological studies on new world leishmaniasis Dujardin, J. C.; Arevalo, J.; Llanos-Cuentas, A.; Caceres, A.; Le Ray, D. Archives de l'Institut Pasteur de Tunis 1993 Article
From the colonial era to the present demography of Zaire Akoto Mandjale, E.; Iba Ngambong, O. 1997 Chapter
From their own perspective; a Kenyan community's perception of tuberculosis Liefooghe, R.; Baliddawa, J. B.; Kipruto, E. M.; Vermeire, C.; De Muynck, A. O. Tropical Medicine and International Health 1997 Article
Front-line epidemiology [letter] Criel, B.; Dujardin, B. Journal of Tropical Pediatrics 1992 Letter
Fumonisin B1 contamination in breast milk and its exposure in infants under 6 months of age in Rombo, Northern Tanzania Magoha, H.; De Meulenaer, B.; Kimanya, M.; Hipolite, D.; Lachat, C.; Kolsteren, P. Food and Chemical Toxicology 2014 Article
Fumonisin exposure through maize in complementary foods is inversely associated with linear growth of infants in Tanzania Kimanya, M. E.; De Meulenaer, B.; Roberfroid, D.; Lachat, C.; Kolsteren, P. Molecular Nutrition & Food Research 2010 Article
Fumonisins exposure from freshly harvested and stored maize and its relationship with traditional agronomic practices in Rombo District, Tanzania Kimanya, M. E.; De Meulenaer, B.; Tiisekwa, B.; Ugullum, C.; Devlieghere, F.; Van Camp, J.; Samapundo, S.; Kolsteren, P. Food Additives and Contaminants: Part A 2009 Article
Functional adrenal insufficiency among critically ill patients with human immunodeficiency virus in a resource-limited setting Meya, D. B.; Katabira, E.; Otim, M.; Ronald, A.; Colebunders, R.; Njama, D.; Mayanja-Kizza, H.; Whalen, C. C.; Sande, M. African Health Sciences 2007 Article
Functional analysis of the Twin-Arginine Translocation Pathway in Sodalis glossinidius, a bacterial symbiont of the tsetse fly De Vooght, L.; Caljon, G.; Coosemans, M.; Van Den Abbeele, J. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 2011 Article
Functional expression of TcoAT1 reveals it to be a P1-type nucleoside transporter with no capacity for diminazene uptake Munday, J. C.; Rojas López, K. E.; Eze, A. A.; Delespaux, V.; Van Den Abbeele, J.; Rowan, T.; Barrett, M. P.; Morrison, L. J.; de Koning, H. P. International Journal for Parasitology: Drugs and Drug Resistance 2013 Article
Functional genomics and proteomics for infectious diseases in the post-genomics era [commentary] Te Pas, M. F. W.; Claes, F. Lancet 2004 Comment
Further African cases of rhinosporidiosis Gigase, P.; Kestelyn, P. Annales de la Société Belge de Médecine Tropicale 1993 Article
Further evaluation of a latex/IgM assay for IgM quantification in cerebrospinal fluid of sleeping sickness patients Lejon, V.; Büscher, P.; Magnus, E.; Van Meirvenne, N.; Doua, F.; Sema, N. 1999 Chapter
Further evidence for geographic differentiation in R-appendiculatus (Acari: Ixodidae) from eastern and southern provinces of Zambia Mtambo, J.; Madder, M.; Van Bortel, W.; Chaka, G.; Berkvens, D.; Backeljau, T. Experimental and Applied Acarology 2007 Article
Further evidence of the presence of genetically aberrant HIV-1 strains in Cameroon and Gabon [letter] Janssens, W.; Nkengasong, J. N.; Heyndrickx, L.; Fransen, K.; Ndumbe, P. M.; Delaporte, E.; Peeters, M.; Perret, J. L.; Ndoumou, A.; Atende, C.; Piot, P.; van der Groen, G. AIDS 1994 Letter
Further evidence suggesting the presence of a locus, on human chromosome 5q31-q33, influencing the intensity of infection with Schistosoma mansoni [letter] Müller-Myhsok, B.; Stelma, F. F.; Guissé-Sow, F.; Muntau, B.; Thye, T.; Burchard, G. D.; Gryseels, B.; Horstmann, R. D. American Journal of Human Genetics 1997 Article
Further improvement of the latex/IGM assay for cerebrospinal fluid of sleeping sickness patients Lejon, V.; Büscher, P.; Bisser, S.; Legros, D.; Richer, M.; Truc, P.; Jamonneau, V.; N'Siesi, X.; Doua, F. 2001 Chapter
Further studies on the in vitro antifungal activity of amorolfine De Vroey, C.; Desmet, P.; Li, Z. Q.; Mukamurangwa, P.; Raes-Wuytack, C. Mycoses 1996 Article
Future trends in the treatment of leprosy Pattyn, S. R. Tropical and Geographical Medicine 1994 Article