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Babesiose bij runderen: eerste klinische uitbraak in Vlaanderen Everaert, D.; Geysen, D.; Brandt, J.; Witters, J.; Deprez, P.; Claerebout, E. Vlaams Diergeneeskundig Tijdschrift 2007 Article
Bacterial biofilms in the vagina Hardy, L.; Cerca, N.; Jespers, V.; Vaneechoutte, M.; Crucitti, T. 2017 Article-P
Bacterial diversity in Buruli ulcer skin lesions: challenges in the clinical microbiome analysis of a skin disease Van Leuvenhaege, C.; Vandelannoote, K.; Affolabi, D.; Portaels, F.; Sopoh, G.; de Jong, B. C.; Eddyani, M.; Meehan, C. J. 2017 Article-E
Bacterial sepsis in patients with visceral leishmaniasis in northwest Ethiopia Endris, M.; Takele, Y.; Woldeyohannes, D.; Tiruneh, M.; Mohammed, R.; Moges, F.; Lynen, L.; Jacobs, J.; van Griensven, J.; Diro, E. BioMed Research International 2014 Article-E
Bacteriological methods as add on tests to fine-needle aspiration cytology in diagnosis of tuberculous lymphadenitis: can they reduce the diagnostic dilemma? Abdissa, K.; Tadesse, M.; Bezabih, M.; Bekele, A.; Apers, L.; Rigouts, L.; Abebe, G. BMC Infectious Diseases 2014 Article-E
Bactériologie clinique: techniques de base pour le laboratoire Vandepitte, J.; Engbaek, K.; Piot, P.; Heuck, C. C. 1994 Book
Barriers for introducing HIV testing among tuberculosis patients in Jogjakarta, Indonesia: a qualitative study Mahendradhata, Y.; Ahmad, R. A.; Lefèvre, P.; Boelaert, M.; Van der Stuyft, P. BMC Public Health 2008 Article-E
Barriers in access to healthcare in countries with different health systems. A cross-sectional study in municipalities of central Colombia and north-eastern Brazil Garcia-Subirats, I.; Vargas, I.; Mogollón-Pérez, A. S.; De Paepe, P.; da Silva, M. R.; Unger, J. P.; Vázquez, M. L. Social Science and Medicine 2014 Article-E
Barriers of access to care in a managed competition model: lessons from Colombia Vargas, I.; Vázquez, M. L.; Mogollón-Perez, A. S.; Unger, J. P. BMC Health Services Research 2010 Article-E
Barriers to eating traditional foods vary by age group in Ecuador with biodiversity loss as a key issue Penafiel, D.; Termote, C.; Lachat, C.; Espinel, R.; Kolsteren, P.; Van Damme, P. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior 2016 Article-E
Barriers to emergency obstetric care services: accounts of survivors of life threatening obstetric complications in Malindi District, Kenya Echoka, E.; Makokha, A.; Dubourg, D.; Kombe, Y.; Nyandieka, L.; Byskov, J. Pan African Medical Journal 2014 Article-E
Barriers to healthcare coordination in market-based and decentralized public health systems: a qualitative study in healthcare networks of Colombia and Brazil Vargas, I.; Mogollón-Pérez, A. S.; De Paepe, P.; Ferreira da Silva, M. R.; Unger, J. P.; Vázquez, M. L. 2016 Article
Barriers to prenatal care in Europe Delvaux, T.; Buekens, P.; Godin, I.; Boutsen, M. American Journal of Preventive Medicine 2001 Article
Barriers to timely administration of birth dose vaccines in The Gambia, West Africa Miyahara, R.; Jasseh, M.; Gomez, P.; Shimakawa, Y.; Greenwood, B.; Keita, K.; Ceesay, S.; D'Alessandro, U.; Roca, A. 2016 Article
Barriers to VCT despite 13 years of community-based awareness campaigns in a peri-urban township in northern Limpopo De Koker, P.; Lefèvre, P.; Matthys, F.; Van der Stuyft, P.; Delva, W. South African Medical Journal 2010 Article
Bartonella endocarditis mimicking adult Still's disease De Clerck, K. F.; Van Offel, J. F.; Vlieghe, E.; Van Marck, E.; Stevens, W. J. Acta Clinica Belgica 2008 Article
Baseline data from a Belgium-wide survey of Campylobacter species contamination in chicken meat preparations and considerations for a reliable monitoring program Habib, I.; Sampers, I.; Uyttendaele, M.; Berkvens, D.; De Zutter, L. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 2008 Article
Baseline data of parasite clearance in patients with falciparum malaria treated with an artemisinin derivative: an individual patient data meta-analysis Unknown author Malaria Journal 2015 Article-E
Baseline survey of animal trypanosomosis in the region of the Boucle du Mouhoun, Burkina Faso Sow, A.; Ganaba, R.; Percoma, L.; Sidibé, I.; Bengaly, Z.; Adam, Y.; Koné, P.; Sawadogo, G. J.; Van Den Abbeele, J.; Marcotty, T.; Delespaux, V. Research in Veterinary Science 2013 Article
Basic biology and geographical distribution of tick species involved in the transmission of animal pathogens, including zoonoses Farkas, R.; Estrada-Peña, A.; Jaenson, T. G. T.; Pascucci, I.; Madder, M. 2012 Chapter