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CADA, potential anti-HIV microbicide that specifically targets the cellular CD4 receptor Vermeire, K.; Brouwers, J.; Van Herrewege, Y.; Le Grand, R.; Vanham, G.; Augustijns, P.; Bell, T. W.; Schols, D. Current HIV Research 2008 Article
Caesarean section provision and readiness in Tanzania: analysis of cross-sectional surveys of women and health facilities over time Cavallaro, F. L.; Pembe, A. B.; Campbell, O.; Hanson, C.; Tripathi, V.; Wong, K. L.; Radovich, E.; Benova, L. BMJ Open 2018 Article-E
Calcium supplementen tijdens zwangerschap Kolsteren, P. Eetbrief 1999 Article
Calculating disability-adjusted life years to quantify burden of disease Devleesschauwer, B.; Havelaar, A. H.; Maertens de Noordhout, C.; Haagsma, J. A.; Praet, N.; Dorny, P.; Duchateau, L.; Torgerson, P. R.; Van Oyen, H.; Speybroeck, N. International Journal of Public Health 2014 Article
Camel trypanosomosis in the Canary Islands: assessment of seroprevalence and infection rates using the card agglutination test (CATT/T. evansi) and parasite detection tests Gutierrez, C.; Juste, M. C.; Corbera, J. A.; Magnus, E.; Verloo, D.; Montoya, J. A. Veterinary Parasitology 2000 Article
Campagne de vaccination contre la méningite dans le camp de Kibumba, Goma, août 1994 Haelterman, E.; Brucher, S.; Ryckx, M.; Philips, B.; Boelaert, M. Medical News. Médecins Sans Frontières 1994 Article
Campylobacter contamination in broiler carcasses and correlation with slaughterhouses operational hygiene inspection Habib, I.; Berkvens, D.; De Zutter, L.; Dierick, K.; Van Huffel, X.; Speybroeck, N.; Geeraerd, A. H.; Uyttendaele, M Food Microbiology 2012 Article
Campylobacter jejuni peritonitis during chronic ambulatory peritoneal dialysis Van den Enden, E.; Cabuy, A.; Daelemans, R.; Verhaegen, J.; Lins, R. L. Peritoneal Dialysis Bulletin 1990 Article
Can "realist" randomised controlled trials be genuinely realist? [commentary] Van Belle, S.; Wong, G.; Westhorp, G.; Pearson, M.; Emmel, N.; Manzano, A.; Marchal, B. Trials 2016 Article-E
Can amodiaquine be used safely during pregnancy? Thomas, F.; Erhart, A.; D'Alessandro, U. Lancet Infectious Diseases 2004 Article
Can direct smear results that are routinely collected at health centre level be used for monitoring the impact of mass drug administration with praziquantel on schistosomiasis in Burundi? A preliminary assessment Bizimana, P.; Polman, K.; Ortu, G.; Krit, M.; Nsabiyumva, F.; Nkeshimana, A.; Bijabuka, U.; Nibakire, M.; Van geertruyden, J. P. Parasites and Vectors 2020 Article-E
Can health insurance improve access to quality care for the Indian poor? Michielsen, J.; Criel, B.; Devadasan, N.; Soors, W.; Wouters, E.; Meulemans, H. International Journal for Quality in Health Care 2011 Article
Can hospital audit teams identify case management problems, analyse their causes, identify and implement improvements? A cross-sectional process evaluation of obstetric near-miss case reviews in Benin Borchert, M.; Goufodji, S.; Alihonou, E.; Delvaux, T.; Saizonou, J.; Kanhonou, L.; Filippi, V. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2012 Article-E
Can immunotherapy be useful as a "functional cure" for infection with Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1? Vanham, G.; Van Gulck, E. Retrovirology 2012 Article-E
Can intensive campaigns dynamize front line health services? The evaluation of an immunization campaign in Thiès health district, Senegal Unger, J. P. Social Science and Medicine 1991 Article
Can malaria be controlled where basic health services are not used? Unger, J. P.; D'Alessandro, U.; De Paepe, P.; Green, A. Tropical Medicine and International Health 2006 Article
Can molecular methods detect 1% isoniazid resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis? Folkvardsen, D. B.; Svensson, E.; Thomsen, V. O.; Rasmussen, E. M.; Bang, D.; Werngren, J.; Hoffner, S.; Hillemann, D.; Rigouts, L. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 2013 Article
Can mutual health organisations influence the quality and the affordability of healthcare provision? The case of the Democratic Republic of Congo Criel, B.; Waelkens, M. P.; Kwilu Nappa, F.; Coppieters, Y.; Laokri, S. PLoS ONE 2020 Article-E
Can performance-based financing help reaching the poor with maternal and child health services? The experience of rural Rwanda Lannes, L.; Meessen, B.; Soucat, A.; Basinga, P. International Journal of Health Planning and Management 2016 Article
Can public hospitals be pro-poor? The health equity fund experience in Cambodia Meessen, B.; Chheng, K.; Decoster, K.; Heng, T. L.; Chap, S. C. [SHSOP] 2008 Chapter