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e-Surveillance in animal health: use and evaluation of mobile tools Madder, M.; Walker, J. G.; Van Rooyen, J.; Knobel, D.; Vandamme, E.; Berkvens, D.; Vanwambeke, S. O.; De Clercq, E. M. Parasitology 2012 Article
Ear, nose and throat diseases Marquet, J.; Vermeersch, H.; Verstraeten, L.; Taelman, H. 1997 Chapter
Early and rapid microscopy-based diagnosis of true treatment failure and MDR-TB Hamid Salim, A.; Aung, K. J. M.; Hossain, M. A.; Van Deun, A. International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease 2006 Article
Early conversion of tuberculin skin test in medical students who begin hospital practices [letter] Soto, A.; Huablocho, P.; Ulloque, J. Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases 2013 Letter
Early detection of cancer in Asia (including Australia) Burton, R.; Yip, C. H.; Corbex, M. 2013 Chapter
Early diagnosis and care of tuberculosis through community-based active case-finding in urban slums of Phnom Penh, Cambodia Lorent, N. 2015 Dissertation
Early neurologic abnormalities associated with human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 1 infection in a cohort of Peruvian children Kendall, E. A.; González, E.; Espinoza, I.; Tipismana, M.; Verdonck, K.; Clark, D.; Vermund, S. H.; Gotuzzo, E. Journal of Pediatrics 2009 Article
Early neuroschistosomiasis complicating Katayama syndrome [letter] Clerinx, J.; Van Gompel, A.; Lynen, L.; Ceulemans, B. Emerging Infectious Diseases 2006 Letter
Early tracking after a missed return visit reduces the proportion of untraceable patients at a large HIV clinic in Kampala, Uganda Nakiwogga-Muwanga, A.; Musaazi, J.; Katabira, E.; Alamo-Talisuna, S.; Colebunders, R. 2016 Article
East Coast fever and multiple El Niño Southern oscillation ranks Fandamu, P.; Duchateau, L.; Speybroeck, N.; Mulumba, M.; Berkvens, D. Veterinary Parasitology 2006 Article
Easy and accurate reconstruction of whole HIV genomes from short-read sequence data Wymant, C.; Blanquart, F.; Gall, A.; Bakker, M.; Bezemer, D.; Croucher, N. J.; Golubchick, T.; Hall, M.; Hillebregt, M.; Ong, S. H.; Albert, J.; Bannert, N.; Fellay, J.; Fransen, K.; Gourlay, A.; Grabowski, K.; Gunsenheimer-Bartmeyer, B.; Günthard, H.; Kivel„, P.; Kouyos, R.; Laeyendecker, O.; Liitsola, K.; Meyer, L.; Porter, K. K.; Ristola, M.; van Sighem, A.; Vanham, G.; Berkhout, B.; Cornelissen, M.; Kellam, P.; Reis, P.; Fraser, C. 2017 Article-P
Easy identification of leishmania species by mass spectrometry Mouri, O.; Morizot, G.; Van der Auwera, G.; Ravel, C.; Passet, M.; Chartrel, N.; Joly, I.; Thellier, M.; Jaureguiberry, S.; Caumes, E.; Mazier, D.; Marinach-Patrice, C.; Buffet, P. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 2014 Article-E
Eating at restaurants, at work or at home. Is there a difference? A study among adults of 11 European countries in the context of the HECTOR* project Orfanos, P.; Naska, A.; Rodrigues, S.; Lopes, C.; Freisling, H.; Rohrmann, S.; Sieri, S.; Elmadfa, I.; Lachat, C.; Gedrich, K.; Boeing, H.; Katzke, V.; Turrini, A.; Tumino, R.; Ricceri, F.; Mattiello, A.; Palli, D.; Ocke, M.; Engeset, D.; Oltarzewski, M.; Nilsson, L. M.; Key, T.; Trichopoulou, A. 2017 Article
Eating out is different from eating at home among individuals who occasionally eat out; a cross-sectional study among middle-aged adults from eleven European countries Naska, A.; Katsoulis, M.; Orfanos, P.; Lachat, C.; Gedrich, K.; Rodrigues, S. S.; Freisling, H.; Kolsteren, P.; Engeset, D.; Lopes, C.; Elmadfa, I.; Wendt, A.; Knuppel, S.; Turrini, A.; Tumino, R.; Ocké, M. C.; Sekula, W.; Nilsson, L. M.; Trichopoulou, A. British Journal of Nutrition 2015 Article
Eating out of home and its association with dietary intake: a systematic review of the evidence Lachat, C.; Nago, E.; Verstraeten, R.; Roberfroid, D.; Van Camp, J.; Kolsteren, P. Obesity Reviews 2012 Article
Eating out of home in Belgium: current situation and policy implications Vandevijvere, S.; Lachat, C. K.; Kolsteren, P. W.; Van Oyen, H. British Journal of Nutrition 2009 Article
Eating out of home in Vietnamese adolescents: socioeconomic factors and dietary associations Lachat, C.; Khanh, L. N. B.; Khan, N. C.; Dung, N. Q.; Anh, N. D. V.; Roberfroid, D.; Kolsteren, P. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2009 Article
Ebola De Roo, A.; Colebunders, R.; Guimard, Y.; Van den Enden, E.; Fleerackers, Y.; Nyst, M. Spectrum International 1996 Article
Ebola and community health worker services in Kenema District, Sierra Leone: please mind the gap! Vandi, M. A.; Van Griensven, J.; Chan, A. K.; Kargbo, B.; Kandeh, J. N.; Alpha, K. S.; Sheriff, A. A.; Momoh, K. S. B.; Gamanga, A.; Najjemba, R.; Mishra, S. 2017 Article
Ebola en HIV als ambassadeurs van het regenwoud van der Groen, G. Rainforest Medical Bulletin 1998 Article