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Q-fever Fretin, D.; Van Esbroeck, M.; Vanholme, L.; Vermeersch, K. 2010 Chapter
Q-fever Fretin, D.; Van Esbroeck, M.; Vanholme, L.; Vermeersch, K. 2012 Chapter
Q-koorts bij Antwerpse studenten na een verblijf in Israël De Schrijver, K.; Gutfreund, G.; Van Esbroeck, M. Vlaams Infectieziektenbulletin 2006 Article
Q fever across the Dutch border in Limburg province, Belgium Naesens, R.; Magerman, K.; Gyssens, I.; Leenders, A.; Meekelenkamp, J.; Van Esbroeck, M.; Coppens, G.; Oris, E.; Craeghs, J.; Thoelen, I.; Gabriëls, P.; Vandevelde, M.; Forier, A. M.; Waumans, L.; Cartuyvels, R. European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases 2012 Article
Q fever after a journey in Syria: a diagnosis suggested by bone marrow biopsy Bottieau, E.; De Raeve, H.; Colebunders, R.; Van den Ende, J.; Vervoort, T.; Van Marck, E. Acta Clinica Belgica 2000 Article
Q fever in woolsorters, Belgium Wattiau, P.; Boldisova, E.; Toman, R.; Van Esbroeck, M.; Quoilin, S.; Hammadi, S.; Tissot-Dupont, H.; Raoult, D.; Henkinbrant, J. M.; Van Hessche, M.; Fretin, D. Emerging Infectious Diseases 2011 Article
qPCR-High resolution melt analysis for drug susceptibility testing of Mycobacterium leprae directly from clinical specimens of leprosy patients Araujo, S.; Goulart, L. R.; Truman, R. W.; Goulart, I. M. B.; Vissa, V.; Li, W.; Matsuoka, M.; Suffys, P.; Fontes, A. B.; Rosa, P. S.; Scollard, D. M.; Williams, D. L. 2017 Article-E
Qu'attendre d'une amélioration de la formation des médecins généralistes dans les pays en développement? Unger, J. P. Annales de la Société Belge de Médecine Tropicale 1995 Article
Quality action: improving HIV prevention in Europe; EU Joint Action Project 2013-2016; technical evaluation plan Nöstlinger, C.; Vuylsteke, B.; Nideröst, S. 2014 Document-E
Quality assessment of smear microscopy by stratified lot sampling of treatment follow-up slides Otero, L.; Van Deun, A.; Agapito, J.; Ugaz, R.; Prellwitz, G.; Gotuzzo, E.; Van der Stuyft, P. International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease 2011 Article
Quality assurance of drugs used in clinical trials: proposal for adapting guidelines Newton, P. N.; Schellenberg, D.; Ashley, E. A.; Ravinetto, R.; Green, M. D.; Kuile, F. O.; Tabernero, P.; White, N. J.; Guerin, P. J. BMJ 2015 Article
Quality assurance of medicines supplied to low-income and middle-income countries: poor products in shiny boxes? Nebot Giralt, A.; Schiavetti, B.; Meessen, B.; Pouget, C.; Caudron, J. M.; Marchal, B.; Massat, P.; Thys, S.; Ravinetto, R. 2017 Article-E
Quality cesarean delivery in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso: a comprehensive approach Richard, F.; Ouédraogo, C.; De Brouwere, V. International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics 2008 Article
Quality management in health care systems in Africa: one concept, many faces, contrasted results; an analysis of three case studies from Africa Blaise, P.; Kegels, G. 2002 Chapter
Quality of antenatal and delivery care before and after the implementation of a prevention of mother-to-child Delvaux, T.; Konan, J. P. D.; Aké-Tano, O.; Gohou-Kouassi, V.; Bosso, P. E.; Buvé, A.; Ronsmans, C. Tropical Medicine and International Health 2008 Article
Quality of health care provision in Africa through the Bamako initiative: problems and strategies; report on the workshop ... Prince Leopold Institute of Tropical Medicine/UNICEF, 3-4 December 1992, Antwerp, Belgium Van Lerberghe, W.; Tellier, V.; Van Dormael, M. 1993 Document
Quality of life in asymptomatic- and symptomatic HIV infected patients in a trial of ritonavir/saquinavir therapy Nieuwkerk, P. T.; Gisolf, E. H.; Colebunders, R.; Wu, A. W.; Danner, S. A.; Sprangers, M. A. AIDS 2000 Article
Quality of life in HIV clinical trials: why sexual health must not be ignored Koole, O.; Noestlinger, C.; Colebunders, R. PLoS Clinical Trials 2007 Article-E
Quality of medical devices and in vitro diagnostics in resource-limited settings Mori, M.; Ravinetto, R.; Jacobs, J. Tropical Medicine and International Health 2011 Article
Quality of normal delivery care in Côte d'ivoire Delvaux, T.; Aké-Tano, O.; Gohou-Kouassi, V.; Bosso, P.; Simon, C.; Ronsmans, C. African Journal of Reproductive Health 2007 Article