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Q-fever Fretin, D.; Van Esbroeck, M.; Vanholme, L.; Vermeersch, K. 2010 Chapter
Q-fever Fretin, D.; Van Esbroeck, M.; Vanholme, L.; Vermeersch, K. 2012 Chapter
Q-fever associated granulomatous hepatitis [Online ahead of print] Dauby, N.; Galdon, M. G.; Montesinos, C.; Van Esbroeck, M.; Serste, T. International Journal of Infectious Diseases 2020 Article-E
Q-koorts bij Antwerpse studenten na een verblijf in Israël De Schrijver, K.; Gutfreund, G.; Van Esbroeck, M. Vlaams Infectieziektenbulletin 2006 Article
Q fever across the Dutch border in Limburg province, Belgium Naesens, R.; Magerman, K.; Gyssens, I.; Leenders, A.; Meekelenkamp, J.; Van Esbroeck, M.; Coppens, G.; Oris, E.; Craeghs, J.; Thoelen, I.; Gabriëls, P.; Vandevelde, M.; Forier, A. M.; Waumans, L.; Cartuyvels, R. European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases 2012 Article
Q fever after a journey in Syria: a diagnosis suggested by bone marrow biopsy Bottieau, E.; De Raeve, H.; Colebunders, R.; Van den Ende, J.; Vervoort, T.; Van Marck, E. Acta Clinica Belgica 2000 Article
Q fever in woolsorters, Belgium Wattiau, P.; Boldisova, E.; Toman, R.; Van Esbroeck, M.; Quoilin, S.; Hammadi, S.; Tissot-Dupont, H.; Raoult, D.; Henkinbrant, J. M.; Van Hessche, M.; Fretin, D. Emerging Infectious Diseases 2011 Article
Q fever serological survey and associated risk factors in veterinarians, southern Belgium, 2013 Dal Pozzo, F.; Martinelle, L.; Leonard, P.; Renaville, B.; Renaville, R.; Thys, C.; Smeets, F.; Czaplicki, G.; Van Esbroeck, M.; Saegerman, C. Transboundary and Emerging Diseases 2017 Article
qPCR-High resolution melt analysis for drug susceptibility testing of Mycobacterium leprae directly from clinical specimens of leprosy patients Araujo, S.; Goulart, L. R.; Truman, R. W.; Goulart, I. M. B.; Vissa, V.; Li, W.; Matsuoka, M.; Suffys, P.; Fontes, A. B.; Rosa, P. S.; Scollard, D. M.; Williams, D. L. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 2017 Article-E
Qu'attendre d'une amélioration de la formation des médecins généralistes dans les pays en développement? Unger, J. P. Annales de la Société Belge de Médecine Tropicale 1995 Article
Qualitative exploration of sociocultural determinants of health inequities of Dalit population in Dhaka City, Bangladesh Kabir, A.; Maitrot, M. R. L.; Ali, A.; Farhana, N.; Criel, B. BMJ Open 2018 Article-E
Quality action: improving HIV prevention in Europe; EU Joint Action Project 2013-2016; technical evaluation plan Nöstlinger, C.; Vuylsteke, B.; Nideröst, S. 2014 Document-E
Quality assessment of smear microscopy by stratified lot sampling of treatment follow-up slides Otero, L.; Van Deun, A.; Agapito, J.; Ugaz, R.; Prellwitz, G.; Gotuzzo, E.; Van der Stuyft, P. International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease 2011 Article
Quality assurance of drugs used in clinical trials: proposal for adapting guidelines Newton, P. N.; Schellenberg, D.; Ashley, E. A.; Ravinetto, R.; Green, M. D.; Kuile, F. O.; Tabernero, P.; White, N. J.; Guerin, P. J. BMJ 2015 Article
Quality assurance of medicines supplied to low-income and middle-income countries: poor products in shiny boxes? Nebot Giralt, A.; Schiavetti, B.; Meessen, B.; Pouget, C.; Caudron, J. M.; Marchal, B.; Massat, P.; Thys, S.; Ravinetto, R. BMJ Global Health 2017 Article-E
Quality cesarean delivery in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso: a comprehensive approach Richard, F.; Ouédraogo, C.; De Brouwere, V. International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics 2008 Article
Quality management in health care systems in Africa: one concept, many faces, contrasted results; an analysis of three case studies from Africa Blaise, P.; Kegels, G. 2002 Chapter
Quality medicines in Africa: the importance of good knowledge of the supply chain and synergy between regulators and industry Schiavetti, B.; Ravinetto, R.; Vandenbergh, D.; Mac�, C.; et al. Private Sector & Development 2017 Article
Quality of antenatal and delivery care before and after the implementation of a prevention of mother-to-child Delvaux, T.; Konan, J. P. D.; Aké-Tano, O.; Gohou-Kouassi, V.; Bosso, P. E.; Buvé, A.; Ronsmans, C. Tropical Medicine and International Health 2008 Article
Quality of health care provision in Africa through the Bamako initiative: problems and strategies; report on the workshop ... Prince Leopold Institute of Tropical Medicine/UNICEF, 3-4 December 1992, Antwerp, Belgium Van Lerberghe, W.; Tellier, V.; Van Dormael, M. 1993 Document