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Safe and effective use of combination antiretroviral treatment Colebunders, R.; Clumeck, N.; Florence, E.; Vandercam, B.; Van Wanzeele, F.; Van Wijngaerden, E.; Lacor, P.; Demonty, J. Acta Clinica Belgica 1999 Article
Safe and efficacious artemisinin-based combination treatments for African pregnant women with malaria: a multicentre randomized control trial Nambozi, M.; Mulenga, M.; Halidou, T.; Tagbor, H.; Mwapasa, V.; Phiri, L. K.; Kalanda, G.; Valea, I.; Traore, M.; Mwakazanga, D.; Claeys, Y.; Schurmans, C.; De Crop, M.; Menten, J.; Ravinetto, R.; Thriemer, K.; Van geertruyden, J. P.; Mutabingwa, T.; D'Alessandro, U. Reproductive Health 2015 Article-E
Safe motherhood [letter] De Brouwere, V.; Derveeuw, M.; Van Damme, W.; Van Lerberghe, W. Lancet 1999 Letter
Safe motherhood research and new challenges in the maternity care programme; proceedings of a workshop for dissemination of findings Ronsmans, C.; Vanneste, A. M. 1997 Book
Safe motherhood strategies: a review of the evidence De Brouwere, V.; Van Lerberghe, W. [SHSOP] 2001 Book
Safeguarding individual’s utilisation of healthcare: the case of the NHIS in Ghana Fenny, A. P.; Asante, F. A.; Arhinful, D. K.; Kusi, A.; Williams, G.; Parmar, D. [SHSOP] 2014 Chapter-E
Safety and efficacy of co-trimoxazole for treatment and prevention of Plasmodium falciparum malaria: a systematic review Manyando, C.; Njunju, E. M.; D'Alessandro, U.; Van geertruyden, J. P. PLoS ONE 2013 Article-E
Safety and efficacy of dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine in falciparum malaria: a prospective multi-centre individual patient data analysis Zwang, J.; Ashley, E. A.; Karema, C.; D'Alessandro, U.; Smithuis, F.; Dorsey, G.; Janssens, B.; Mayxay, M.; Newton, P.; Singhasivanon, P.; Stepniewska, K.; White, N. J.; Nosten, F. PLoS ONE 2009 Article-E
Safety and efficacy of dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine versus artemether-lumefantrine in the treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Zambian children Nambozi, M.; Van geertruyden, J. P.; Hachizovu, S.; Chaponda, M.; Mukwamataba, D.; Mulenga, M.; Ubben, D.; D'Alessandro, U. Malaria Journal 2011 Article-E
Safety and efficacy of dihydroartemisinin/piperaquine (Artekin) for the treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Rwandan children Karema, C.; Fanello, C. I.; Van Overmeir, C.; Van Geertruyden, J. P.; van Doren, W.; Ngamije, D.; D'Alessandro, U. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 2006 Article
Safety and efficacy of lumefantrine-artemether (Coartem) for the treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Zambian adults Mulenga, M.; Van Geertruyden, J. P.; Mwananyanda, L.; Chalwe, V.; Moerman, F.; Chilengi, R.; Van Overmeir, C.; Dujardin, J. C.; D'Alessandro, U. Malaria Journal 2006 Article-E
Safety aspects of microbicides; female controlled methods for HIV prevention; past, present and future Jespers, V. 2013 Dissertation-H
Safety evaluation of nonoxynol-9 gel in women at low risk of HIV infection Van Damme, L.; Niruthisard, S.; Atisook, R.; Boer, K.; Dally, L.; Laga, M.; Lange, J. M. A.; Karam, M.; Perriëns, J. H. AIDS 1998 Article
Safety of a topical insect repellent (picaridin) during community mass use for malaria control in rural Cambodia Heng, S.; Sluydts, V.; Durnez, L.; Mean, V.; Polo, K.; Tho, S.; Coosemans, M.; Van Griensven, J. PLoS ONE 2017 Article-E
Safety of daily co-trimoxazole in pregnancy in an area of changing malaria epidemiology: a phase 3b randomized controlled clinical trial Manyando, C.; Njunju, E. M.; Mwakazanga, D.; Chongwe, G.; Mkandawire, R.; Champo, D.; Mulenga, M.; De Crop, M.; Claeys, Y.; Ravinetto, R. M.; Van Overmeir, C.; D'Alessandro, U.; Van geertruyden, J. P. PLoS ONE 2014 Article-E
Safety of multiple daily applications of COL-1492, a nonoxynol-9 vaginal gel, among female sex workers Van Damme, L.; Chandeying, V.; Ramjee, G.; Rees, H.; Sirivongrangson, P.; Laga, M.; Perriëns, J. AIDS 2000 Article
Safety reporting in clinical trials [letter] Colebunders, R.; De Roo, A.; Schrooten, W. Journal of the American Medical Association 2001 Letter
Safety trial of the vaginal microbicide cellulose sulfate gel in HIV-positive men Jespers, V.; Buvé, A.; Van Damme, L. Sexually Transmitted Diseases 2007 Article
Saine, la politique de santé européenne? De Vos, P. 2002 Chapter
Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi producing CTX-M-15 extended spectrum beta-lactamase in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Phoba, M. F.; Barbé, B.; Lunguya, O.; Masendu, L.; Lulengwa, D.; Dougan, G.; Wong, V. K.; Bertrand, S.; Ceyssens, P. J.; Jacobs, J.; Van Puyvelde, S.; Deborggraeve, S. Clinical Infectious Diseases 2017 Article