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10th anniversary of VSF Belgium Bedert, E.;Balis, B.;Onclin, M.;Bastos da Silva, M.;Thys, E. Tropicultura 2005 Issue
11 september. Waarom de kapers vrij spel kregen Franssen, P.;De Vos, P. 2002 Book
11 septembre. Pourquoi ils ont laissé faire les pirates de l'air Franssen, P.;De Vos, P. 2002 Book
1912-2012: a century of research on Plasmodium vivax in vitro culture Noulin, F.;Borlon, C.;Van Den Abbeele, J.;D'Alessandro, U.;Erhart, A. Trends in Parasitology 2013 Article
2nd conference on bringing evidence into public health policy (EPHP) 2012: strengthening health systems to achieve universal health coverage, Bangalore, India, 5-6 October 2012 Bhojani, U.;Mishra, A.;Prashanth, N. S.;Soors, W. BMC Proceedings 2012 Issue
30 years experience in medical mycology: past vs current problems De Vroey, C. Journal of the Japanese Society for Medical Mycology 1992 Article
8-month versus standard regimens chemotherapy in new pulmonary tuberculosis cases in Sialkot, Pakistan: a controlled clinical trial Moran, M.;Habib, S.;Chatterjee, N.;De Muynck, A. 1990 Issue
A "One Health" surveillance and control of brucellosis in developing countries: moving away from improvisation Godfroid, J.;Al Dahouk, S.;Pappas, G.;Roth, F.;Matope, G.;Muma, J.;Marcotty, T.;Pfeiffer, D.;Skjerve, E. Comparative Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases 2013 Article
A 12-month survey of gastrointestinal helminth infections of cervids kept in two zoos in Belgium Goossens, E.;Vercruysse, J.;Boomker, J.;Vercammen, F.;Dorny, P. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 2005 Article
A 12-month survey of the gastro-intestinal helminths of antelopes, gazelles and giraffids kept at two zoos in Belgium Goossens, E.;Dorny, P.;Boomker, J.;Vercammen, F.;Vercruysse, J. Veterinary Parasitology 2005 Article
A 12-week treatment for dermatophyte toe onychomycosis: terbinafine 250 mg/day vs. itraconazole 200 mg/day - a double-blind comparative trial De Backer, M.;De Keyser, P.;De Vroey, C.;Lesaffre, E. British Journal of Dermatology 1996 Article
A 31-year-old diamond miners with chronic and relapsing skin ulcers. What is the diagnosis? Beylis, N.;Glassman, S.;Koornhof, H.;Meyers, W. M.;Portaels, F.;Blumberg, L. Southern African Journal of Epidemiology and Infection 2009 Article-E
A 6 week quadruple drug regimen for the treatment of multibacillary leprosy Pattyn, S.;Grillone, S. Leprosy Review 2000 Article
A 7-year-old girl from Peru with a chronic skin ulcer Martínez, D.;Verdonck, K.;Boelaert, M.;Llanos-Cuentas, A. 2015 Chapter
A Bayesian approach for estimating values for prevalence and diagnostic test characteristics of porcine cysticercosis Dorny, P.;Phiri, I. K.;Vercruysse, J.;Gabriel, S.;Willingham, A. L.;Brandt, J.;Victor, B.;Speybroeck, N.;Berkvens, D. International Journal for Parasitology 2004 Article
A Bayesian approach for the evaluation of six diagnostic assays and the estimation of Cryptosporidium prevalence in dairy calves Geurden, T.;Berkvens, D.;Geldhof, P.;Vercruysse, J.;Claerebout, E. Veterinary Research 2006 Article
A Bayesian approach in veterinary epidemiology Berkvens, D.;Praet, N.;Thys, E.;Speybroeck, N. 2007 Chapter
A bayesian evaluation of four immunological assays for the diagnosis of clinical cryptosporidiosis in calves Geurden, T.;Claerebout, E.;Vercruysse, J.;Berkvens, D. Veterinary Journal 2008 Article
A Bayesian evaluation of three diagnostic assays for the detection of Giardia duodenalis in symptomatic and asymptomatic dogs Geurden, T.;Berkvens, D.;Casaert, S.;Vercruysse, J.;Claerebout, E. Veterinary Parasitology 2008 Article
A Bayesian geostatistical Moran Curve model for estimating net changes of tsetse populations in Zambia Sedda, L.;Mweempwa, C.;Ducheyne, E.;De Pus, C.;Hendrickx, G.;Rogers, D. J. PLoS ONE 2014 Article-E