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Slender and stumpy bloodstream forms display a differential response to extracellular and proteolytic stress

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Show simple item record Nolan, D. P. en_US Rolin, S. en_US Rueda-Rodriguez, J. en_US Van den Abbeele, J. en_US Pays, E. en_US 2007-12-06T14:33:56Z 2007-12-06T14:33:56Z 2000 en_US
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dc.description.abstract Natural infections of mammals with African trypanosomes, such as Trypanosoma brucei, are generally pleomorphic, the population consisting of different forms, termed slender and stumpy forms, that vary in number as the parasitaemia develops. We show that the differentiation of slender into stumpy forms is characterized by the acquisition by the parasite of the ability to regulate its internal pH, even in the face of a large, inwardly directed gradient of H+, as well as a tolerance towards external proteolytic stress. These adaptations effectively abbrogate cellular stress-activated signalling pathways involving adenylate cyclase and glycosylphosphoinositol-specific phospholipase-C mediated release of the surface coat. Although in metabolic terms stumpy forms of the parasite are considered to be preadapted to life in the arthropod vector, these data clearly demonstrate that these forms also possess additional cellular adaptations designed to deal with the immediate and potentially harmful changes in the extracellular environment that occur upon ingestion of a bloodmeal by the tsetse fly vector.
dc.language English en_US
dc.subject Biochemistry en_US
dc.subject Protozoology en_US
dc.subject Trypanosoma brucei en_US
dc.subject Pleomorphism en_US
dc.subject Stumpy forms en_US
dc.subject Transformation en_US
dc.title Slender and stumpy bloodstream forms display a differential response to extracellular and proteolytic stress en_US
dc.type Article en_US
dc.citation.jtitle European Journal of Biochemistry en_US
dc.citation.volume 267 en_US
dc.citation.pages 18-27 en_US
dc.citation.jabbreviation Eur J Biochem en_US

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