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Low CD4+ T cell counts among African HIV-1 infected subjects with group B KIR haplotypes in the absence of specific inhibitory KIR ligands

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Show simple item record Jennes, W. Verheyden, S. Demanet, C. Menten, J. Vuylsteke, B. Nkengasong, J. N. Kestens, L. 2011-03-23T09:50:53Z 2011-03-23T09:50:53Z 2011
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dc.description.abstract Natural killer (NK) cells are regulated by interactions between polymorphic killer immunoglobulin-like receptors (KIR) and human leukocyte antigens (HLA). Genotypic combinations of KIR3DS1/L1 and HLA Bw4-80I were previously shown to influence HIV-1 disease progression, however other KIR genes have not been well studied. In this study, we analyzed the influence of all activating and inhibitory KIR, in association with the known HLA inhibitory KIR ligands, on markers of disease progression in a West African population of therapy-naive HIV-1 infected subjects. We observed a significant association between carriage of a group B KIR haplotype and lower CD4+ T cell counts, with an additional effect for KIR3DS1 within the frame of this haplotype. In contrast, we found that individuals carrying genes for the inhibitory KIR ligands HLA-Bw4 as well as HLA-C1 showed significantly higher CD4+ T cell counts. These associations were independent from the viral load and from individual HIV-1 protective HLA alleles. Our data suggest that group B KIR haplotypes and lack of specific inhibitory KIR ligand genes, genotypes considered to favor NK cell activation, are predictive of HIV-1 disease progression. en
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dc.subject Viral diseases en
dc.subject HIV-1 en
dc.subject AIDS en
dc.subject Immune response en
dc.subject Natural killer cells en
dc.subject Immunoglobulins en
dc.subject Receptors en
dc.subject Leukocytes en
dc.subject Antigens en
dc.subject Disease progression en
dc.subject HLA ligands en
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dc.subject CD4-positive-T-lymphocytes en
dc.subject Haplotypes en
dc.subject HLA-Bw4 en
dc.subject HLA-C1 en
dc.subject Associations en
dc.title Low CD4+ T cell counts among African HIV-1 infected subjects with group B KIR haplotypes in the absence of specific inhibitory KIR ligands en
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dc.citation.issue 2 en
dc.citation.jtitle PLoS ONE en
dc.citation.volume 6 en
dc.citation.pages e17043 en
dc.citation.jabbreviation PLoS ONE en

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