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Shifts in mycobacterial populations and emerging drug-resistance in West and Central Africa

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Show simple item record Gehre, F. Ejo, M. Fissette, K. De Rijk, P. Uwizeye, C. Nduwamahoro, E. Goovaerts, O. Affolabi, D. Gninafon, M. Lingoupou, F. M. Barry, M. D. Sow, O. Merle, C. Olliaro, P. Ba, F. Sarr, M. Piubello, A. Noeske, J. Antonio, M. Rigouts, L. de Jong, B. C. 2015-08-07T08:48:57Z 2015-08-07T08:48:57Z 2014
dc.identifier.issn 1932-6203
dc.identifier.other ITG-B1B
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dc.identifier.other ITG-B3B
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dc.identifier.other Abstract
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dc.description.abstract In this study, we retrospectively analysed a total of 605 clinical isolates from six West or Central African countries (Benin, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Guinea-Conakry, Niger and Senegal). Besides spoligotyping to assign isolates to ancient and modern mycobacterial lineages, we conducted phenotypic drug-susceptibility-testing for each isolate for the four first-line drugs. We showed that phylogenetically modern Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains are more likely associated with drug resistance than ancient strains and predict that the currently ongoing replacement of the endemic ancient by a modern mycobacterial population in West/Central Africa might result in increased drug resistance in the sub-region. en_US
dc.language English en_US
dc.subject Bacterial diseases en_US
dc.subject Tuberculosis en_US
dc.subject Mycobacterium tuberculosis en_US
dc.subject Emerging diseases en_US
dc.subject Drug resistance en_US
dc.subject Phylogenetics en_US
dc.subject Modern en_US
dc.subject Strains en_US
dc.subject Spoligotyping en_US
dc.subject Phenotyping en_US
dc.subject Drug susceptibility en_US
dc.subject Testing en_US
dc.subject Rifampicin en_US
dc.subject Isoniazid en_US
dc.subject Ethambutol en_US
dc.subject Streptomycin en_US
dc.subject Benin en_US
dc.subject Guinea en_US
dc.subject Niger en_US
dc.subject Senegal en_US
dc.subject Africa, West en_US
dc.subject Cameroon en_US
dc.subject Central African Republic en_US
dc.subject Africa, Central en_US
dc.title Shifts in mycobacterial populations and emerging drug-resistance in West and Central Africa en_US
dc.type Article-E en_US
dc.citation.issue 12 en_US
dc.citation.jtitle PLoS ONE en_US
dc.citation.volume 9 en_US
dc.citation.pages e110393 en_US
dc.citation.jabbreviation PLoS ONE en_US

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